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Creating A Dynamic Character Through Song

Bart Shatto | Broadway & TV Actor
Bart's Master Class "Creating a Dynamic Character Through Song" explores an in depth approach to making a song vibrant, alive and truthful through character development within the music and lyrics.
Bart's unique approach to marry song and character into an honest, passionate journey will inspire students to "live truthfully in the song" and most importantly "in the moment".  Practicing Transcendental Meditation for several years, he also uses meditation in his classes to help quell anxiety, fears of failure, audition nerves and to hone razor-like focus to get the job done - truthfully.


"This class was an eye-opener.  I really felt the character that each person was creating
in their song came to life like it hadn't before."
-Cody Wirth
"Excellent workshop.  Well worth the time, very enriching
and educational for involved."
-Aaron Ewell
"Bart Shatto was an excellent teacher - giving time to each student
and helping them look to the next level."
-Erin Craig
"A great opportunity to learn new ways to approach audition songs in a relaxed environment."
-Tony Roberts

What the Expert Teachers say...

"I cannot recommend this gifted gentleman highly enough for a position involving
education, the arts and young people."
-Peter Sklar (Ed.M. Harvard University) Director, Beginnings Workshop
"Bart is an advocate for developing young talent. 
Bart probably has the strongest combination of humbleness and power I have seen in an actor. 
This makes him one of the most lovable talents of our time. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Bart Shatto, and this extends to his work with young performers.  
-Debra Kym (Stella Adler Studio of Acting)
"Mr. Shatto is one of our better staff members; exceptional because he is so multifaceted. 
He is a creative and accomplished actor and singer, and he is able to teach and guide
our students to better themselves in their craft."
-Trent Van Doren (Director of Immaculate High School)
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